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Software Tokens

For three decades, the RSA SecurID® token has been synonymous with the RSA brand. As technology has advanced, end user needs have evolved and RSA has grown its authentication portfolio to meet these needs. First introduced in 2002, RSA SecurID Software tokens are cost-effective, convenient, and leverage the same algorithm as the RSA SecurID key fob style token. Instead of being stored in hardware, the software token symmetric key is secured on the user’s PC, smart phone or USB device.

Software tokens reduce the number of items a user has to manage for safe and secure access to corporate assets and can streamline the workflow for distributing and managing two-factor authentication for a global workforce. Software tokens can be revoked and recovered when someone leaves the company or loses a device, eliminating the need to replace tokens. They can also be securely deployed to remote users in a matter of seconds utilizing a secure provisioning protocol known as CT-KIP (RFC 4758). No confidential information is sent unencrypted during this exchange. QR code provisioning, using a Self Service console, can provide security and convenience and allow the rapid onboarding of a large number of users.

RSA SecurID Token for Smart Phones

RSA SecurID software tokens are available for a variety of smart phone platforms including BlackBerry™, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone.

RSA SecurID Token for Windows and RSA SecurID Token for Mac OS X

The RSA SecurID software token for Windows and Mac OS X are convenient form factors that reside on a PC or Mac and enable automatic integration with leading remote access clients.

RSA SecurID Toolbar Token

The RSA SecurID toolbar token combines the convenience of auto-fill capabilities for web applications with the security of anti-phishing mechanisms.