There is no doubt that
security is the trump over
All our other priorities.


Knowledge and execution capabilities in telecommunications and networks arena, which form the core of a Smart City infrastructure and operations, effectively positions Naesys as a Master System Integrator, playing a crucial role in crafting and optimizing Smart City solutions.

Naesys believes that for any city to evolve as a Smart City, it has to be Safe to start with backed up by professionally driven citizen as well as business services delivered at the door steps. Following a comprehensive solutions approach towards designing and developing advanced technology systems and solutions, Naesys strives to deliver Safer and Citizen centric Cities to citizens.

Naesys’ offerings in the Safe & Smart City domain include key core solutions like
Following are few of the industry solution have become a part of our portfolio and Naesys have built skills around them.

  • Communication/IT/Telecom infrastructure,
  • Data Centre,
  • Central Command and Control Management,
  • Security & Surveillance Management,
  • Traffic Management and
  • G2C and G2B government e-Services.

Having delivered large scale complex projects, coupled with a rich experience of working with various State and Central Government customers and institutions, as well as with medium and large private Indian enterprises, Naesys is well positioned itself on the confluence of public and private enterprises to competitively deliver on Smart City projects in India.