There is no doubt that
security is the trump over
All our other priorities.


Municipalities and internal security agencies such as state police need to ensure citizen safety in various environments while being conscious of public budgets. Naesys’ end-to-end high-definition solutions meet these requirements by covering more areas, with fewer cameras, video analytics and enabling not only a faster investigations but act as a proactive enabler to curb the crime to be.

Upon realizing the intent of Governments in various states of the country to secure their citizens, and valuable assets, Naesys Dimensions Solution incepted its security and surveillance practice in the year 2013. Since then we have acquired valuable knowledge, learning’s and insight into various security and protection aspects. This learning helped us identify innovative and practical solutions to solve business problems for our various government clients.

NDS’s security and surveillance practice draws its expertise from domain specialists in the security business. We employ consultants, retired senior government officers and panel of experts who have spent years on understanding and provisioning of security and surveillance solution. Our practice area consists of Security and Surveillance Services, Video Surveillance and Analytics, Remote Access and Physical Access Control, Fire Alarm & Disaster Control, Application Services and Systems Integration Services.

Naesys has made significant investments in Research and Development in last couple of years to develop various frameworks and technology tools to offer the following benefits to its customers.

Our security and surveillance framework and tools are enabling the business users to help protect themselves, their privacy and their valuable assets.

Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security

Security starts at the perimeter with intelligent intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized entry into a sensitive or high-security area. From detecting suspicious activity at an International Border, Chemical Plant or unlawful entry at an Airline Hangar, intrusion detection and perimeter security solutions help proactively identify threats before they escalate.

Video Recording, Transmission and Storage

In the event of an intrusion, time is important. The faster an incident is detected and transmitted, the lower the level of potential disruption and damage to property and assets. Normally Video feeds are used for forensic purposes, but Naesys believes in using the video feed as a proactive surveillance for detecting the intrusion or potential disruption. Naesys uses the most sophisticated Video analytics tools coupled with other emerging tech suits such as Face Recognition System for preventing any disruption or crime to take place.

Remote/Central Monitoring Stations

Our remote surveillance solution is from the leading platform with a proven track record of proactive technology resulting in loss prevention and faster ROI for many customers. The solution suite of multi-site security solution provides an end-to-end remote surveillance solution for central stations looking to enhance existing services.

Access Management and Control Systems

Our access control solutions extend Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to the door, facilitating power supply and network traffic over a single cable. PoE door locks, card readers and biometric sensors leverage existing IP network infrastructure for simplified “plug-and-use” deployment and low total cost of ownership.

Fire Alarm and Disaster Control

NDS work with world’s best manufacturer of fire alarm and disaster control solution companies to prevent any fire based disaster. These solutions work on proactive basis rather than working on reaction basis. Our solution has future-proof expandability & field programmability for maximum flexibility.

The modules allow for hardware expansion without disrupting the detector installation or pipe network. Integrated gas detection provides a superior solution at half the cost of competing solutions. The apps available through the our partners allow for rapid & remote field-programming of detectors.

NDS have built custom solution as per the industry/vertical needs. Our ‘State of the Art’ industry solutions are built around, world’s well recognized products and services.
Following are few of the industry solution have become a part of our portfolio and Naesys have built skills around them.

  • Border Securities and Surveillance
  • City Surveillance and Command Centers
  • Public Transport Security and Surveillance
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical Plant Monitoring
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Education and Campus Solution
  • Airport Safety and Security
  • Telecom Assets Monitoring
  • Retail and Malls
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Parking Lot
  • Warehouse and Factories
  • Call Centers and Development Centers