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Management Console

Whether you choose to deploy hardware tokens, software tokens, risk-based authentication, on-demand (SMS) – or a combination of all of these authentication methods – the RSA Authentication Manager is the central management console behind the RSA SecurID solution.

Centralized Management

The RSA Authentication Manager software allows RSA SecurID administrators to centrally manage user profiles, authentication methods, as well as applications and agents across multiple physical sites. The RSA Authentication Manager software verifies the user’s identity for authentication requests and centrally administers authentication policies for the organizations’ end users. Whether you choose one authentication method, or choose to mix and match authentication methods to meet varying end user needs, the RSA SecurID environment can be managed from one management console. The console is designed to address the most time-consuming and costly tasks associated with managing an enterprise authentication solution – even end users benefit from the self-service console. Users can change their own PIN codes, request a replacement token, request emergency access, and troubleshoot without ever contacting the helpdesk directly.

Risk Engine

The RSA Risk Engine in built-in to the RSA Authentication Manager to enable Risk-Based Authentication. The Risk Engine is a proven technology that powers the most convenient method of authentication that maintains the traditional username and password login experience, while calculating risk level for the transaction.


Leverage the 400+ fully supported technology integrations offered with the RSA Ready Partner Program, free of charge. RSA Ready technology integrations are available for wide range of applications, free of charge. The RSA SecurID technology integrations are jointly tested by both organizations and documented to ensure a positive customer experience. RSA offers interoperability with 400+ products from over 200 certified partners.

World Class Replication and Uptime

The RSA Authentication Manager software works in a primary/replica configuration. A single primary enables the central management, logging, reporting of the system, while up to 15 replicas (Enterprise edition license) guarantee geographic coverage, load balancing, and disaster recovery options. Taken together, the primary/replica configurations mean that this critical security service doesn’t have to be taken down or suspended for any reason, giving your organization the confidence to protect your applications with near 100% uptime.


The RSA Authentication Manager is available as a hardware appliance or a virtual appliance.

Hardware Appliance Versions:

  • Appliance 130 – Designed to satisfy the requirements for simple, cost-effective deployments.
  • Appliance 250 – Designed with dual power and redundant hard drives for organizations that require high availability (HA).

Virtual Appliance Versions:

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V