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Hardware Tokens

For three decades, RSA SecurID tokens have been synonymous with the RSA brand. Long before introducing the software token or tokenless (risk-based) authentication, RSA was protecting organizations with the RSA SecurID hardware token – authenticating users by leveraging “something they know” (user name and passcode) and “something they have” (the PIN code on the token). The RSA SecurID hardware token comes in a variety of convenient models that all generate and display new codes every 60 seconds.

RSA SecurID 700

The RSA SecurID 700 is a small key fob that connects easily to any key ring and fits into a user’s pocket or small carrying case.

RSA SecurID 800

The RSA SecurID 800 offers the one-time password functionality of the other hardware authenticators and can be used for storage of Windows® username/password credentials and digital certificates—creating a master key for multiple authentication methods. When connected, the RSA SecurID 800 is enabled for automatic token code entry, allowing applications to programmatically access token codes directly off the device and eliminating the need for the user to type their code.

RSA SecurID 200

The RSA SecurID 200 is the original RSA SecurID hardware token. This business card holder-sized device provides the same excellent performance guaranteed from every RSA SecurID authenticator.

RSA SecurID 520

The RSA SecurID 520 PINpad model is the same size as the RSA SecurID 200 but has a PINpad feature that enables users to encrypt their passcode for a higher level of security

High Quality, Reliable Authentication

For an enterprise depending on the broad distribution of authenticators to protect access to information and applications, token reliability is a major concern. RSA authenticators leverage the AES-128 algorithm and are time synchronous. RSA offers industry-leading levels of reliability and RSA SecurID hardware tokens are designed to withstand the worst imaginable conditions. From temperature cycling to mechanical shocks to being immersed in water, RSA SecurID hardware tokens are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that user organizations do not face hidden costs due to token failures. By selecting RSA SecurID tokens, organizations can reduce the overhead costs of distributing replacement tokens and drive down the overall cost of security while providing a consistent and easy-to-use authentication experience for end-users.