The role of wireless campus for the enhancement of teaching learning process is vast. With WiFi access throughout the campus, information is just a click away. Also, the wireless campus supports everyday activities seamlessly in classroom contexts.

The evolution of technology has allowed colleges and universities to revolutionize their educational processes. It is now crucial for educators to integrate these technological advancements into teaching methods.In order to do so, connectivity is paramount. Whilst Internet access in colleges and universities has been around for a long while now, it is becoming more than just a useful resource. From online live lectures and webinars to e-Books and other online resources, it’s clear that the Internet and “connected learning” has become a powerful teaching tool in education.

Seamless access to email and other sources of learning can dramatically change the way students go about their academic pursuits. WiFi connectivity helps in seamless teaching and learning. The concept of online learning and self-teaching has been widely adopted. With the rising popularity of online courses, students now expect to be able to connect to their educational resources at anytime, anywhere. Smart devices such as Interactive Whiteboards, eReaders etc. are also becoming the go to tools for teachers that need to be supported with robust and secure Wi-Fi.

The technology is already surrounding us – iPads, tablets, smartphones – but none of them can be used until that all-important WiFi access. Students now have their own wireless devices at home and it is becoming increasingly apparent for them to connect these devices and other technologies in their educational institutes as well. Without robust and secure WiFi, institutions won’t be able to support these devices and technologies that exist today.

Wifi isn’t just about information; however, it’s also about communication. By having Wifi within an institution, students are able to communicate with each other, with their teachers and other members of staff and in cases of crisis, with their family members at home. Opening the doors to seamless communication is helpful not only for educational purposes but also offers a route for students to voice any concerns they have at the campus.

As a result, it is clear that a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof network infrastructure needs to be put into place that enables students and staff to connect with ease, throughout the whole campus, from the classroom all the way through to university dorms. Naesys can provide a secure end-to-end networking solution built specifically for the education sector. With Naesys WiFi solution, institutions can flexibly connect staff and students with ease, while enjoying peace of mind that access is secure and controlled.