Virtual Campus makes teaching and learning deeper, more immediate, and more powerful for students and teachers. Smart classroom, e-learning and learning management system increase the classroom efficiency by enhancing the abilities of the instructor and giving students collaborative learning opportunities.

To make the country digitally literate we have to start from the grass root level which is providing smart education solutions which will act as a stimulus for the new generations.Gone are the days of teaching students on black boards. The new generations need to be taught on interactive smart board which allows students to interact digitally. The need of the hour is smart work, not hard work. In order to teach the students smartly, the classrooms should be turned into the interactive zone by moving from blackboards to smart white boards with virtual campus solutions. We must rise with the tide of digital India and create smart future in smart classrooms.

The Virtual Campus aims at combining teaching and learning with the latest technological tools to create an effective education environment in higher education setting. It is a transformative strategy of transition from traditional ways of learning to a digital way of learning that is more efficient, engaging and connected.  The challenge lies in shifting from teaching and learning about ICT to teaching and learning through ICT. This means using technology to enable and transform teaching, learning and the curriculum and turn the classrooms in digital classrooms. Teaching & learning is more of a fun and less of a burden with the introduction of such digital classrooms.

Smart classrooms are ones equipped with latest educational technology like interactive whiteboards, visualizers, audio and video conferencing, digital and flip cameras, projectors, and much more. Students learn difficult and theoretical curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance.

The Virtual Campus also plays an indispensable role in e-learning, where teachers and students located in remote areas can take part in the class through multimedia communication systems and obtain real-time interactions. By empowering students to learn and teachers to teach from any location, the e-learning technology eliminates the boundaries of space and time that limit a student’s ability to learn.

To summarize, Virtual Campus allows you:

  • To record lectures and classes, post them online, and help students grasp the material before they enter the classroom.
  • To connect students, faculty, and researchers on any device, any location.
  • To give learners the ability to access world-class resources and to connect with experts across the world.

At Naesys, we strive to revolutionize learning experience with smart technologies that opens teachers and students to a whole new journey of discovery. Naesys Smart Classroom solution allows you to enable a secure, personalized, and interactive learner experience and increase engagement thereby. Naesys virtual campus also enables e-learning wherein, students can participate in lectures streamed from other locations, and allow them to record the lectures to watch later and learn on their own time.