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  • Document Management System for e-Government

    Document Management System – The Way to the Efficiency and Transparency in e-Government

    With a large portion of information management in the public sector comprising of document management, implementation of an efficient document management system has become a strategic imperative for e-government.

    E-Government and the need for Document Management System

    Information communication technology (ICT) has revolutionized the way we live, work, learn, and play. Governments worldwide are encountered with the challenge of transformation and the need to recreate government systems in order to deliver efficient and cost-effective services, information and knowledge through information and communication technologies. This has led to the evolution of new ways of governance known as electronic government or simply put e-Government. E-Government is the latest ICT revolution in governments to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility, and transparency. In an information-intensive society, efficient information management is extremely critical for e-governance.

    The primary objective of e-Government is not just limited to providing information services to its citizens but also includes the development of strategic links among various government departments, communications at various levels of government (Federal, State, and Local Governments), facilitation of government policies, operations, transactions and strategy implementations etc. All these require that government’s daily transactions, operations, and resources are digitized for cost-effective and convenient service quality. Unlike the traditional methods of governance where paper-based documents were dominant, e-Government services require implementation of a robust document management system (DMS), which is akin to the bloodstream of effective e-Government.

    Document management system (DMS) is one such tool powered by ICT and utilized by e-Government implementations for managing valuable information resources from documents in any government or business setting. The solution helps to support the communication process between citizens and authorities on the one hand and increase the efficiency of internal government processes on the other hand. It helps governments streamline operations to deliver value through improved productivity, and empower government staff to respond rapidly and collaboratively to meet the needs of constituents.

    Key Drivers for DMS in e-governance

    Extremely cumbersome task of manual file handling and physical management of documents in a large volume

    A very large number of stakeholders, and the need to maintain and make accessible the documents that form the evidence for every single transaction

    Need to increase transparency in functioning of various departments

    Anytime, anywhere accessibility and availability of information, to enable faster delivery of government services to a large base of people across different segments and geographical locations

    Need to reduce duplication of work and communication costs

    Need to streamline operations to deliver value through cost-effectiveness and improved productivity

    Facilitate user experience and ensure timely release of documents and information in response to citizen requests

    Security of information resources and adherence to regulations and security policies

    Document management is very important in e-government for reaching the goal of paperless offices. DMS can be used by organizations to automate processes which make them efficient and reduce the costs. It promotes productivity and efficiency, enhances the interactions among employees, and serves the overall of the citizens through enhanced collaboration supervised by standard operating procedures. The other reason for DMS deployment is to reduce the data redundancy and duplication of information.

    With advanced file approval, management, tracking and intelligent search capabilities, Document Management System – The Solution for a Paperless Office allows government agencies to expand the reach of their services, improve and facilitate user experience and improve transparency while reducing costs at the same time.

    Recognizing the importance and capitalizing on its skills and technologies developed, over the years, Naesys has taken major initiatives in the area of e-Governance offering custom solutions and services. Our e-Governance solution DMS brings the accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in government administration along with improving service provided by government agencies. Data remains confined under tight security provided by Naesys DMS which eliminates security risk and maintains confidentiality. For more information, visit

  • Document Management System for Effective Archival

    Document Management System ensuring Strategic Control through Effective Archival

    Digital archiving is essential for the long-term retention and management of historical digital assets that are no longer needed for current business operations but need to be retained to satisfy regulatory compliance, corporate governance, records management or data management requirements.

    Record keeping is a fundamental activity of public administration. Without records, there can be no rule of law and no accountability. Public servants must have the information handy to carry out their work more efficiently, and records represent a crucial source of information. Well-organized records provide a reliable, legally verifiable source of evidence of decisions and actions taken by an organization over time. So, records must be well managed in order to ensure that they are protected for both administrative purposes and to serve as evidence of the organization’s work.

  • Security Threats – How to avoid them with Document Management Solutions

    With document management solution, government organizations of all sizes can confidently replace their paper documents with something more secure: a centralized repository where they can create, manage, and store all their important information.

    Government agencies all around the world are burdened with the paper-driven processes. Be it managing internal communication, inter-agency communication or communication with citizens, paper documents play an important role. In this age of e-governance, managing paper documents is not only time consuming but increases cost, inefficiency, and security risk.

  • Solving Business-Critical Problems with Document Management System

    Enterprises produce vast amounts of information in both electronic and paper form. Whether they are government offices, legal courts, healthcare groups, insurance companies, or educational institutions, companies perform best with the ability to manage information with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Document management solutions are designed to capture, centralize, manage and secure all your business files and records digitally, whether they started out in paper form or were generated electronically. This provides a more compact means of

  • Document Management System – The Solution for a Paperless Office

    With the Prime Minister’s “Digital India” initiative in place and growing focus on building a digital economy, several organizations are planning to go digital for managing their official documents. To become digitally progressive, every organization should focus on proper assimilation, sharing and security of huge amount of data it produces.

    Today, a government organization deals with the critical mass of data which is stored in a haphazard manner and lacks basic organization and access structure. Currently, to access or share data, individuals rely on redundant,