Enterprises produce vast amounts of information in both electronic and paper form. Whether they are government offices, legal courts, healthcare groups, insurance companies, or educational institutions, companies perform best with the ability to manage information with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Document management solutions are designed to capture, centralize, manage and secure all your business files and records digitally, whether they started out in paper form or were generated electronically. This provides a more compact means of storage, universal access for retrieval, and higher levels of data security and privacy.

Organizations with digital document management system in place to handle all their information operate at a vastly superior level of efficiency and productivity compared to those that still rely on paper files and folders. Even when companies keep most of their documents in digital form, but in a traditional folder structure, they suffer the same drags on productivity as paper-filing systems. Time is wasted constantly looking in several folder locations for misplaced documents or often multiple versions of the same file are created that results in errors and repeated work. Without a document management solution, businesses find it very difficult to enforce reliable file organization and optimize their internal processes.

Yearly expenses for a traditional paper-based environment are deceptively high. The costs of physical storage, supplies, staff time, and repeat work due to misplaced documents may add up to more than INR 300,000 annually for a department of just ten employees. A document management solution not only eliminates these costs but also enables employees to do more in less time.

A document management system indexes each item with specific keywords, keeping all data content easily searchable. Employees can bring up the right document in seconds, without rifling through the multiple drawers or pecking through PC file locations. Digital document management significantly reduces the time for routine file search and retrieval while greatly reducing the chance of a document being lost permanently.

Beyond achieving efficiency in everyday information handling, there are many other advantages of electronic document management system that are of equal significance to the modern workplace such as data loss prevention, automatic backup, secure access through permission controls, mobile access, and customized workflow. Addressing shortcomings in these areas is yet another incentive of implementing a document management system for many organizations.

All document management systems have five basic components:

  • Capture and import tools to bring documents into the system
  • Methods for storing and archiving documents
  • Indexing and retrieval tools to locate documents
  • Distributions tools for exporting documents from the system
  • Security to protect documents from unauthorized access

If your business is still operating with traditional paper-based processes, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Here at Naesys, we have a commitment to keep moving forward. Naesys Document Management System helps you in protecting all your valuable documents while giving it easy access on the go.