With document management solution, government organizations of all sizes can confidently replace their paper documents with something more secure: a centralized repository where they can create, manage, and store all their important information.

Government agencies all around the world are burdened with the paper-driven processes. Be it managing internal communication, inter-agency communication or communication with citizens, paper documents play an important role. In this age of e-governance, managing paper documents is not only time consuming but increases cost, inefficiency, and security risk. The top priority for the government is making sure information stays confidential and secure. But that can be tricky when paper documents are involved. Filing cabinets don’t give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

Implementing a Document Management Solution provides inherent security and control of critical documents and information. The right solution for government focuses on keeping documents in the hands of authorized users and out of the hands of everyone else. Advanced security controls monitor user authority for viewing and editing documents. Documents will no longer be susceptible to human errors and natural disasters. Plus, hackers and cyber-terrorists will be kept out, and your documents will be safe.

With digital document management system, you’re free from these threats:

Human Error:  Paper documents are highly prone to human error. Employees can spend hours trying to track down misplaced or lost paperwork, and even sensitive paperwork can be left in the wrong place for anyone to find.

With a secure document management solution, everything is stored electronically for easy access and retrieval. Files can be searched using keywords or categorization, or even text search, using document management system.

Data Breaches: When sensitive information is merely sitting in a filing cabinet, it can easily be accessed and stolen. Legal contracts, personnel files, or financial reports are just a few examples of documents that contain highly sensitive information. If someone were to steal this information, it may lead to a disastrous effect on the document owner or the organization as a whole.

With digital document management solution, information is never lost or accessed by someone without proper authority. Version and tracking control options can paint a clear picture of every action taken on the document.

Natural Causes: Natural disasters can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time and can’t be prevented. Paper documents are susceptible to damage from natural calamities like flood, storm, fire, or other natural causes.

With a full-scale Document Management System – The Solution for a Paperless Office, you can replace those cumbersome, poorly-secured filing cabinets with a secure, digital repository where you can store, retrieve, and manage all your documents in one place. Plus, automated backup ensures retention of an organization’s database structure and files on a regular basis for organizations operating in floods, earthquake, or other natural disaster-prone areas.

Get much-needed security for your documents. Naesys document management system keeps vulnerable information secure, offers transparency, and promotes efficiency in government agencies. Data remains confined under tight security provided by document management system which eliminates security risk and maintains confidentiality.