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  • U-DOP to Transform Public Transportation into Smart Transportation

    Being the most significant driver for social progress, the development of transportation allows people to connect and facilitates quick delivery of goods and services around the world. While such development has greatly enhanced our lives, there are quite a few major issues remaining unsolved such as vehicle accidents, vehicle emission, traffic congestion, and gridlock. The traffic industry is realizing the importance and urgency of building the smart transportation system to promote the smart transportation drive.

  • The role of U-DOP in developing Smart Cities

    Of late, citizens have changed their ways of communication, their habits and their way of living. It’s time to raise cities to the standard that their citizens deserve. A smart city is a place where citizens relish the sustainable quality of life through multiple and smart technologies.

    The rise of the smart city concept is a defining moment for the U-DOP. Naesys brings the U-DOP to life for smart cities that fosters economic growth and enables a more livable and better-connected society.

  • How the U-DOP helps in Smart Water Management

    Ever since the human life came into existence, the proper use and management of water have been a subject of debate as well as a caution for everyone. Access to basic water services, including clean drinking water and sanitation, is still not available to the huge part of the world’s population. Switching to smart infrastructure and technologies like automation & control devices, sensor technologies, data analytics software etc. makes water management system truly “smart”.

  • U-DOP – Public Safety Management Platform

    One of the primary responsibilities of government is to ensure the public safety and security and minimize the impacts of all types of crisis situations, including natural calamities, terror events, and threats to critical infrastructure. Citizens now demand that public-safety organizations need to be proactive, and respond promptly and effectively to these emergency situations. Public safety stands out amongst the most imperative pre-requisites for achieving the well-being of the society and the improved quality of life.

  • U-DOP – Integrated Information, Operations & Collaboration

    Citizens and organizations are placing increasing demands in front of leaders to innovate to progress. People have become more connected and massive amounts of new data are created every day. As a result, leaders are compelled to determine ways to harness and drive insight and actions from the available information to drive sustainability, improve the quality of life and create more value for their citizens.

    Naesys U-DOP platform integrates data from multiple sources and makes sense of it on a single interface.

  • ERP Implementation in Education Institutions

    The education sector is developing and expanding quite rapidly around the globe. All enterprises want to improve efficiency, increase productivity and generate revenues, and education institutions are no different. Education ERP software has become a vital need for many educational establishments as technology has simplified the management of various education processes. ERP implementation helps institutions to automate their operations, thus making them manageable and more transparent. A well-implemented ERP system offers benefits to all stakeholders carrying different roles and responsibilities such as students, parents, administrators, alumni, faculty etc.

  • The Growing Role of CCTV Security in Indian Railways Industry

    In recent years, CCTV monitoring has become an absolute requirement to ensure railways and passengers safety and security in all corners of the globe. The rail industry has become increasingly vulnerable to security threats that include theft, vandalism, fire, acts of terrorism etc. The rail industry faces a crucial need to protect passengers, employees, infrastructure, goods and assets against these possible threats. And there is no doubt the development of CCTV surveillance has contributed majorly in decreasing the crime rate on railways and metros in many countries.

  • What are the Benefits of Security & Surveillance for Cities?

    Running a nation is a big responsibility. The larger the city, the more there is that can go wrong. Fortunately, security & surveillance solutions can make this job a lot easier and a city a lot safer. The purpose of city surveillance system is to prevent, detect, investigate crime, and increase public safety. The government has been investing in security & surveillance technologies and has reaped the benefits of having a more secure nation.

    Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that a security & surveillance system brings to cities.

  • The Importance of Digital Security Solutions

    Due to the Digital India push from the Government of India and growing focus on building a digital economy, every organization is on the path of becoming digitally progressive. The advantages are evident but there are security risks too. Business houses and government organizations are facing digital security threats around the world. Cyber attacks have become a matter of concern these days. Not only big business companies, cyber criminals are also targeting individuals for their sensitive personal and financial information. Cyber criminals use many different methods to harm confidential personal and business information. Some of the common security threats

  • Benefits of Implementing Government ERP

    Many government and public sector organizations are concentrating on innovation, simplification, and swiftness as part of their e-government transformation. They want to adopt technological advancements and efficacious business processes to enhance overall performance, improve business outcomes and eventually ameliorate citizens’ lives. The government is intended to get the best value for taxpayer’s money and is careful to deploy technologies that are testified to work. Thus, the need of ERP implementation arises. Implementing an ERP solution is a big move to get away from manual paper-driven methods to an advanced system that gives you a comprehensive view of the entire organization’s operations.