From the moment, a document has been created using the DMS, you are able to share, track, view, search, and control the file throughout the entire process, all in a secure environment.

Whether physical or electronic, documents are at the heart of day-to-day activity for every organization. These documents have a life cycle within the organization. This life cycle begins when new documents are created and ends when they are finally destroyed or permanently stored. Proper management of documents is crucial for the proper storage of a company’s confidential information.

DMS provides the features needed to securely and efficiently manage all documents through the complete document lifecycle. Using DMS, organizations can manage the physical and electronic records from acquisition/creation to destruction/archival while retaining integrity, authenticity, and accessibility of the corporate records.

DMS can perform the following functions:

Document Digitization – DMS provides scanning facility as part of the solution. If any document needs to be converted to an electronic format, then the document is scanned and converted to an image to be stored on the system.

Document Editing, Annotations, and Versioning – The solution enables users to append, delete and swap pages in the document. Users can rotate, cut and crop documents; highlight text and insert sticky notes on the document. It also enables users to maintain multiple versions of a single document.

Document Storage and Archival – All documents are stored in a central repository with desired access privileges.

Document Metadata/Attributes – The solution facilitates storage of additional information that describes documents; making it easier for the user to classify and retrieve them.

Document Retrieval – While searching, users can quickly identify and locate documents with the help of a proper indexing mechanism. Documents can be searched based on specific attributes/metadata (e.g. Title, Author, Date of creation, etc.). Printing facility is also provided to create a hard copy of the document if required.

Security – Security is achieved by implementing multi-level access controls and user privileges. Apart from secure User ID and Password stored in encrypted format, a DMS also provides an audit trail of who viewed an item, when or who modified an item, which is difficult to maintain with paper.

Backup and Restore – The solution comes with in-built data backup and restore capabilities. With digital archiving as a backup, documents are protected from fire, flood and other disasters.

With Naesys DMS, you get a full-featured document management system that handles documents from creation to completion, in a fully secure environment. Create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive any file type including word documents, images, PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, computer-aided design drawings, and more. By taking control of the document life cycle through DMS, organizations can boost efficiency across their entire operations while ensuring document accuracy, consistency, and professionalism.