Colleges and universities can achieve the goal of becoming the paperless institution. Education ERP system has enabled the educational institutions to deliver their educational services beyond institutional walls, while also improving information dissemination, communication, and collaboration both on and off campus.

The education sector in India has witnessed a massive growth in terms of the number of institutes and students in the past few decades.The associated procedures related to various educational functions like admission, teaching, interaction, and examination have also grown manifold and been streamlined. The modern students and stakeholders are living in the world of digital classrooms. The technology implementation has affected the institution administration and management too. From institution management, enrolling admissions to teachers marking attendance in records have all changed. Educational institutes went digitalized.

This trend has induced a growing need in colleges and academic institutions to use technology that delivers education through digitized content. The information technology tools offer promising solutions to enable effective management of various functions. Education Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an IT solution that automates recruitments, admissions, students’ records, financial aid, and academic & administrative services. Education ERP software is an advanced software that helps keep a track of all sort of information. No matter whether it’s a paper file or a digital file, you can easily scan, capture and store it. Education ERP helps you create a central repository and access all the information whenever, wherever needed.

Every college and university has to deal with thousands of student records, staff records, account information, inventory information, and lots of other documents. If all the paper documents need to be maintained and accessed manually, it might seem to be a daunting task. This is where Education ERP software proves to be of great help. There is no need to enter a single data every single time in a record. The education ERP does all the things. It also helps institutions improve communication, coordination, and also information dissemination both on and off-premise. Education institutions are implementing an ERP solution that makes them manage the campuses in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Automation has helped the education authorities in many ways. Enrolling admission, fee collection, employee management, attendance marking, payroll management, and other extra-curricular activities all became very easy tasks with the education ERP system. Human error is something which cannot be eliminated, it can only be minimized. Manual works in organizations can be prone to human error. ERP Implementation in Education Institutions will provide great help and reduce potential errors if we directly enter student information, employee information or fee information in the system.

Naesys Education ERP helps the institutions in reducing their paper usage to a great extent which is not just cost-effective but is eco-friendly as well. It helps in digitizing the colleges and other educational institutes.