From informal meetings to witness interviews and depositions, legal professionals are using video conferencing software to conduct case-related services around the world, eliminating the need to travel.

Video conferencing solutions are being employed by many organizations around the globe. The enormous benefits of video conferencing software are not limited to private industries alone. In fact, it can be incorporated into the government and legal sectors as well to keep their operations seamless and serve the citizens better. The software enables government organizations to engage organization and stakeholders, provide on-demand access to services from any location, reduce cost and distance/travel barriers; and improve citizen services, justice systems, emergency services and security.

The legal sector is an industry that can benefit the most from video conferencing software because lawyers rely on face-to-face consultations and meetings to finalize deals, correspond with clients, and grow their practices. Video conferencing enables legal professionals to do all of these things at their leisure, thereby boosting productivity and efficiency.

More lawyers are going global with their expertise and skill set. With video conferencing software, lawyers can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, partners and experts, across multiple locations. Geography is no longer a barrier; without the need to travel, top legal experts can be tapped for services and support over video by any customer in any location. This is leading to greater competitive advantages and globalization for law firms of all sizes.

Today’s courts and correctional systems face budget pressures, increasing case loads, rising inmate populations and public safety concerns – making it difficult to achieve operational efficiency. Video conferencing software allows you to improve process efficiency, enhancing communication and information sharing among courts and other agencies while eliminating the financial and time burdens of travel.

Whether smaller firms or corporate legal departments, video conferencing software for lawyers is becoming more common. Remote arraignment proceedings, depositions, expert witness testimony and other procedures can be handled reliably and securely via video conferencing software.

In cases that involve a large number of witnesses scattered all over the country or overseas, video interviews are bridging the distance and condensing the timeline. Interviews that would have been protracted over a longer period of time due to schedule coordination and travel can be efficiently managed in a shorter timeframe with video conferencing software. Multiple interviews can easily be conducted in a single day.

India has undertaken a nationwide project to connect jails and district courts across the country via video conferencing software which enables a defendant to appear in a court through a video link between the prison and the court. It is expected that in the near future, about 300 jails and 2,000 courts in India will be connected in this manner via video conferencing.

The government of India also launched ‘Tele-Law’ in its effort to make legal aid easily accessible to the marginalized communities and citizens living in rural areas. Villagers will be able to connect directly with city lawyers and receive free legal advice via video conferencing as part of this initiative aimed at improving access to justice.

All law firms have to operate in accordance with the law and meet the necessary legal requirements. Video conferencing software comes with strong, robust security measures, firewalls, and password protections. With the rise in cyber-attacks, having sufficient security measures in place will give your clients confidence and peace of mind while giving you a better chance of securing business.

Naesys understands how important connectivity is in the legal sector. We will work with your organization to develop, implement and support a robust video conferencing solution that fits your current and future needs, allowing your team to provide the highest quality of legal care. So get in touch with us so we can provide you with the video conferencing solution that’s right for your unique requirements.