Maintaining safety and curbing violence or vandalism is a challenge for educational institutions and security and surveillance system works as an indispensable tool to help them resolve and identify issues as they arise.

As a student, feeling safe on campus, whether it’s elementary school, college, university, or other educational institutions, is imperative. With learning environments increasingly becoming targets of mass violence,theft, vandalism and sexual assault, there is increased responsibility on campus security staff to make their campuses secure, yet welcoming and friendly.

A security and surveillance system must be carefully implemented to keep watch over many different types of facilities that comprise a typical campus community. Providing proper video surveillance over an entire campus is almost like monitoring a small city. There is the diverse assortment of facilities that require continuous monitoring, with the safety of students, faculty, and campus property.

From libraries and canteens to sports complexes and sprawling student grounds, there’s a lot to look after and use analytics to send alerts for unusual activity. Security and surveillance system also enables the university’s safety staff to improve monitoring of remote areas on campus, where security staff may not be able to supervise at all times, such as parking lots. Surveillance cameras can be immensely useful in both prevention and investigation of various crimes on campus.

Students’ inappropriate behaviors and criminal acts often go unnoticed, making it difficult to take proper disciplinary measures. CCTV cameras capture everything that would otherwise go unnoticed from the eyes of security staff, eliminating the need to rely on hearsay. Security officers who need to review a portion of footage for an investigation can easily pull the needed video segments themselves.

To be able to take the correct decisions in critical situations, a complete overview of the current situation and the available control measures is essential. For this, the campus needs Command and control center solution that ties together all the safety and security systems such as access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, etc. Their consolidation onto one unified platform provides security operators with an enhanced situational awareness, streamlined operations, and provides faster response coordination.

Naesys works directly with educational institutions to design the surveillance system that best meets each facility’s needs. By monitoring everything by cameras, keeping unidentified people off the campus, and limiting unauthorized access to facilities, Naesys comprehensive range of security and surveillance solutions with integrated command and control center and rich analytics features can cut down significantly on crime and promote a safer learning environment.