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  • Cyber Security Challenges for the Indian Government

    The government keeps huge amounts of sensitive data than the private sector and stores it on older, more vulnerable systems which can be exploited for a dangerous purpose. Cyber security has become one of the most compelling priorities for the government to ensure the safety of data. Government IT systems and networks around the globe are under a consistent state of attack. 

  • The Importance of Video Conferencing Solutions for Businesses

    In today’s globalized business environment, with employees located around the world, technology has shifted the perception of how people conduct business. Business has become more global than ever, even small businesses are extending their reach worldwide with the Internet and social media making it possible. The need to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, investors, customers, and internal teams, is more important than ever.

  • Document Management System – The Solution for a Paperless Office

    With the Prime Minister’s “Digital India” initiative in place and growing focus on building a digital economy, several organizations are planning to go digital for managing their official documents. To become digitally progressive, every organization should focus on proper assimilation, sharing and security of huge amount of data it produces.

    Today, a government organization deals with the critical mass of data which is stored in a haphazard manner and lacks basic organization and access structure. Currently, to access or share data, individuals rely on redundant,

  • How Naesys ERP can Benefit the Education Institutions in India

    Today educational institution is not limited to imparting education alone, but it is adapting latest technology for improving the quality of education and handling various activities of the school including admissions, class management, library management, logistics, inventory, fee management, alumni, accounts etc.

    The absence of a single system results in an institute using a number of software that does not communicate well with each other. Naesys provides an advanced Education ERP solution that allows an educational institution to integrate all the functions of its various departments into one.

  • Education ERP to Drive Innovation & Efficiency in Education Industry

    The education sector is in no way a small sector, it is growing rapidly like any other large sector where data-driven decision-making is critical. Any education institution comprises of multiple departments and many stakeholders, both internal and external, to take care off. For example, students, teachers, parents, administrators, management, alumni and other stakeholders that are directly and indirectly connected with them. All these cannot be managed and satisfied with paper work. Institutions need an ERP solution to bridge the gap and also move towards creating world-class institutions and get benefited with data-driven decision-making capabilities with analytics and business intelligence.

  • Current Situation and Requirements of Education Sector

    These days, all enterprises want to cut costs, improve efficiency and generate revenue, and universities are no different. With the stupendous growth of the education sector, educational institutions are becoming increasingly complex organizations. Universities, colleges, and schools, whether private or public, have similar ways of operation and functioning. The main challenge for any educational institution is to maintain an absolute system of work that will be easy to understand and compile. The smooth functioning of an educational enterprise is dependent on the efficiency of the maintenance and recording process.

  • How Naesys can improve the Education Industry

    The education sector around the globe is growing quite rapidly. Education Institutes are busy round the clock with various activities like admissions, exams, class wise data and documents and records of all the pass outs along with their marks and documents. While these educational centers are very important for the country, it is very important that they themselves maintain their documents and records along with staff details in a single place.