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On-Screen Marking Solution (OSMS) addresses the needs of educational institutions comprehensively, by facilitating conditions which make markers' and supervisors' job easier.

The key capabilities of our OSMS are summarized as:

  • Candidate anonymity: Personal details are masked by the software provided by us while scanning and the alpha numeric code is given to the candidate’s details. Which keeps the anonymity of the candidate while evaluation.
  • Digitized review: The marking process begins with the scanning and coding of all the submitted answer books, which are then digitized for review.
  • Assistive intelligence: The solution is fed with indicative answers (if provided) to all the questions and the marking scheme to aid the marking process.
  • Thorough and complete marking: On-Screen Marking ensures that markings cannot be submitted unless markers take into consideration the un-attempted questions and assess all the answered questions and also visit all the pages of answer book.
  • Ability to revisit marking: For each paper, On-Screen Marking solution allows multiple markings and one review. Easy retrieval of answer books enables effective addressable of RTI queries enhancing your university's reputation as a fair marker.

On-Screen Marking includes the scanning of answer books and uploading them in the system, registering markers, assigning answer books to them, ensuring completion of marking in the system, and sharing results. The solution comprises the following key components:


Our solution is compliant with following features:

  • Provide a unique user ID and password to each Examiner and supervisor
  • Mapping each digitized answer script to a secret-coded number to remove the identity of each student.
  • Digitizing answer scripts using Book scanners for the purpose of evaluation in a secured environment.
  • Upload the digitized answer scripts to data centre.
  • System based Allocation of Answer Booklets to as per the Subject proficiency to each Marker.
  • Allocation of answer scripts to evaluation centres if there is any particular Target is assigned
  • Mapping of Supervisors and Examiners to evaluation centres.
  • Enabling all necessary checks like maximum marks allowed for each question, optional questions, unattempt questions and no answer left un-marked.
  • Automatic calculation of total marks awarded.
  • Provision of review of an evaluated answer sheet by the Supervisor.
  • Provision of re-assigning a particular answer sheet to a particular Examiner by the Supervisor.
  • Final marks can be arrived at based on average / best of the two or more evaluations – in case of multiple evaluations done on single answer script or raising a discrepancy to the reviewer, if need be.
  • Generation of report, which includes compilation of marks, awarded to answer scripts for each subject.
  • Availability of an online training guide for the Examiners.
  • Generation of Examiner wise, day wise answer scripts evaluated report.
  • Submit analysis reports of Examiners performance to Institute / Board.
  • Faster Result processing.

A. Unique Features of On-Screen Marking System

Feature Benefit
Login Id Evaluator Login ID (Password Protected) is issued to each Evaluator / Reviewer
Answer Book Allocation Answer Booklets are allotted through system basis the subject Proficiency.
Flexible Answer book allocation Each time one Evaluator is allotted One Answer Booklet and once submitted another comes for Evaluation.
Fixed Working Window Fixed & Standard Evaluation working window at each Evaluation Centre.
Setting up of Evaluation Target Daily Min. & Maximum Evaluation Limit can be set for each Evaluator.
Automatic Totalling Automatic Totalling of Marks is done by the System and it is displayed simultaneously on the screen.
Quick Rejection of Irrelevant Answer Booklets Exception / Wrong Subject Booklets are skipped / rejected by the Evaluator itself.
Digitization of Supporting Documents Digitized copy of the Question Paper and Marking Scheme is also available in the solution.
Privacy Control Candidate’s Identity is secured during Evaluation for the fairness of Evaluation.
Daily and Cumulative Evaluation Tracking Display of Daily and Cumulative Evaluated Answer Booklet count on Evaluator console.
Performance Dashboard Downloading of Daily Evaluation / Review report by Each Evaluator / Reviewer
Feedback Feature Feedback Mechanism by Evaluators and Reviewers
Login / Logout Tracking Daily Tracking of Login and Logout Time for Each Evaluator / Reviewer.
Preserving of Physical Answer Booklets No need to manage the Manual Handling of Answer Booklets. Original Booklet is preserved post scanning.
Tracking of Answer Book Movement Any Return / Exchange of Answer Books between Evaluator and Reviewer is also tracked.
Security of Marks allotted Marks provided by Evaluators and checked by Reviewers are protected by the Secure Login and Password.
Change Management Any change either by the Evaluator or Reviewer is tracked with the Time / Date Stamp.
Skipping Pages / Question Control Chances of Skipping pages & Questions is completely eradicated.
Blank Pages Tracking Tracking of Blank Pages in any Answer Booklet is also done for analysis purpose
Command Centre Command Centre feature to monitor ongoing Evaluation at all evaluation centre.
A centralized console depicting the Marking progress.
Various dimensional data that can be analysed to make appropriate decisions.
Annotation Support Free hand annotations mimics closest to the conventional paper marking and thus gives a comfort feel to the marker.
Marker Group - No Over loop Provides for multiple iterations of marking of same answer sheet by two different groups.
IT Manager Audit Log Increased transparency of the whole marking process.
Step-by-step audit of all actions performed by IT manager. This facilitated for review of actions in times of need.
Restricts Unauthorized Access User Account locked out on entering wrong password more than 5 times.
RTI Capability The ability to provide information during an RTI query helps in keeping the marking process transparent.
Audit Trail A click-by-click audit of all actions performed by marker during marking of answer sheet
The audit log helps during any RTI queries to indicate the actions that were performs
Proxy Marking Provision to eliminate Proxy marking by providing a report at the end of the day to authenticate with the marker’s signature
Data Encryption All the results and audit data transfer to data centre from local server is encrypted and all of the credentials information is encrypted as well.
Data Deletion All of the results/audit log in the local server are cleared at the end of marking and hence not accessible to any.