Being the most significant driver for social progress, the development of transportation allows people to connect and facilitates quick delivery of goods and services around the world. While such development has greatly enhanced our lives, there are quite a few major issues remaining unsolved such as vehicle accidents, vehicle emission, traffic congestion, and gridlock. The traffic industry is realizing the importance and urgency of building the smart transportation system to promote the smart transportation drive.

Naesys has introduced the unified digital operations platform (U-DOP) to enable traffic monitoring, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, reducing vehicle emissions, improving incident response and everything else that keep a smart city on the go. The platform eliminates information silos by facilitating unified data sharing and exchange mechanisms. On the basis of unified data sharing and exchange, this solution optimizes and achieves a 360-degree overview of entire transportation infrastructure on the unified platform, effectively removing the barriers between various service systems.

Naesys U-DOP platform integrates the business processes of the traffic system, geographic and time information for a comprehensive display and provides effective support for the traffic command system.  The result is an easy-to-follow representation of the processes that take place in a city, allowing the connections between them to be easily understood and making entirely new modes of operation available.

In addition, it integrates data from multiple devices into a single information model for advanced analysis and prediction capabilities. Through in-depth mining of big data and various decision-making measures, including traffic guidance, normal congestion identification, congestion problem control, congestion cause analysis etc, the solution supports real-time analysis and simulation prediction of traffic conditions to improve the decision-making capabilities.

Naesys U-DOP platform works as a comprehensive and scalable transportation management platform to integrate a diversity of IT systems throughout a city such as video surveillance, traffic direction, traffic signal control, traffic flow data collection systems etc to enable efficient command and visualized collaboration.