Citizens and organizations are placing increasing demands in front of leaders to innovate to progress. People have become more connected and massive amounts of new data are created every day. As a result, leaders are compelled to determine ways to harness and drive insight and actions from the available information to drive sustainability, improve the quality of life and create more value for their citizens.

Naesys U-DOP platform integrates data from multiple sources and makes sense of it on a single interface. U-DOP platform is a dashboard that provides insight into data that the user wants to see and is allowed to see.

Naesys U-DOP provides a simplified view of a complex world and analytical capabilities that can analyze the data and make predictions to guide decisions and develop policies.

With the advantage of the power of advanced analytics and collaboration tools, Naesys U-DOP delivers the ability to gain insight into an environment through centralized information. Naesys U-DOP pulls together relevant information from various sources into one meaningful view.

Naesys U-DOP provides integrated data visualization, real-time information, and deep analytics which help leaders to prepare for problems before they arise and to coordinate and manage problems as they occur, improving the efficiency of city operations. The platform helps city officials to better monitor and manage city services by providing them insight into daily city operations through a centralized platform.

There is a wide range of services and solutions that are based on U-DOP platform. These services cover industries such as transportation, public utilities (smart electricity, water, and gas distribution), buildings, education, healthcare, public safety etc. In this scenario, Naesys U-DOP integrates information and processes from many city agencies into a single operations platform that provides a encompassing view of how the city is functioning.