Of late, citizens have changed their ways of communication, their habits and their way of living. It’s time to raise cities to the standard that their citizens deserve. A smart city is a place where citizens relish the sustainable quality of life through multiple and smart technologies.

The rise of the smart city concept is a defining moment for the U-DOP. Naesys brings the U-DOP to life for smart cities that fosters economic growth and enables a more livable and better-connected society. Naesys U-DOP is a centralized platform and the heart of the smart city which is designed to integrate transparently and seamlessly a large number of different head-end systems while providing open access to selected subsets of data for the development of a plenty of digital services.

Naesys provides digital solutions that enable a whole new generation of services all managed from a Unified Digital Operations Platform (U-DOP), Environmental Sensors, Smart Parking solutions, Billboards, Variable Messaging Board, CCTV, Adaptive Traffic Controls, etc. – wherever you look into a smart city, there are IOT devices connected to Naesys Smart City Solution – U-DOP.

Naesys IOT Gateway and UDOP enable real-time analysis and monitoring of local and city-wide utility consumption and distribution patterns, traffic congestion, environmental Eemissions, and other city index parameter. We harness our technologies and expertise to create an effective Secured Universal Integration Framework that provides the City’s Common Operational Picture to city operational managers.

Naesys support multi-channel operations that enable disparate sensors, IOT devices, actuators, people, and processes into a single system for optimally managing the smart cities.

Naesys U-DOP is a domain agnostic solution whereby it can be configured into multiple Smart City Solutions on a common platform. It is applicable for a wide range of industries segments such as Energy & Utilities, Public Safety, Transportation, Social Programs, Entertainment venues, Smart buildings, Solid Waste Management, Smart Light, and more.