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  • Benefits of Implementing Government ERP

    Many government and public sector organizations are concentrating on innovation, simplification, and swiftness as part of their e-government transformation. They want to adopt technological advancements and efficacious business processes to enhance overall performance, improve business outcomes and eventually ameliorate citizens’ lives. The government is intended to get the best value for taxpayer’s money and is careful to deploy technologies that are testified to work. Thus, the need of ERP implementation arises. Implementing an ERP solution is a big move to get away from manual paper-driven methods to an advanced system that gives you a comprehensive view of the entire organization’s operations.

  • Why Government ERP should Rise From its Own Domain

    The adoption of ERP and other host of technology tools provide more efficient government to run their backend processes more efficiently and effectively. Often, we see that the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is abysmally lacking in the public sector organisations. Although, the fact is known that such system will bring a lot of efficiency into working of their day to day business but the truth of the matter is that it also brings a lot of complexities while operating it. The work environment in government sector is quite different from an enterprise corporate sector environment.