Ever since the human life came into existence, the proper use and management of water have been a subject of debate as well as a caution for everyone. Access to basic water services, including clean drinking water and sanitation, is still not available to the huge part of the world’s population. Switching to smart infrastructure and technologies like automation & control devices, sensor technologies, data analytics software etc. makes water management system truly “smart”.

Naesys Unified Digital Operations Platform (U-DOP) has the potential to help water utilities to address water issues, such as loss, leaks and aging infrastructure. The platform can enhance water sustainability, efficiency, and accessibility.

Naesys U-DOP delivers smarter water management which creates insights from data to help utilities manage pressure, detect leaks, reduce water consumption, mitigate sewer overflow, and better manage their water infrastructure, assets and operations. This platform uses visualization, advanced data management, collaboration and correlation technologies to transform a wide variety of data received from disparate sources into actionable information that can guide more effective and rapid operational decisions. Naesys U-DOP is a smart water management platform that coordinates resources to deliver real-time device status alerts, event and incident management, reduced risks, improved decision-making and better collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

Naesys U-DOP with the help of smart metering technologies can provide water regulating authorities with real-time data about water usage and demand which could help in identifying leakages, discovering patterns in water consumption and using predictive analysis for informed decision-making. Event correlation and trend analysis capabilities would help in anticipating potential disruptions to the network and forecasting the water requirement for a city based on historical consumption, as well as, taking into consideration the weather, holidays, events, etc. This can be calculated to precision with the use of predictive analytics.

With all these factors together, Naesys U-DOP enabled efficient smart water management is sure to gain high acceptance at a rapid rate everywhere in the country.