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  • Technology in the Classroom

    Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

    Technology has played a key role in transforming the education sector and will continue to shape the teacher-student relationship by offering better accessibility and connectivity.

    Education Technology

    Technology is always evolving, and the same is true for education technology. Every day, we hear about some new technology that is changing the world and the way we learn in it. This rise in the use of technology has led education establishments to integrate technology into their learning process as much as possible.

    Today, the student is not considered as an empty vessel to be filled in by facts and figures. They are now expected to use so many media and materials and to get the learning experience from all sides.

  • Big Data Analytics for Government

    Big Data Analytics Applications in the Government Sector

    Big data analytics applications can enable government and public-sector organizations to offer effective services and respond more quickly and accurately to the citizens’ needs. 

    Big Data

    The concept of gathering and processing of huge amount of data is not new, what is new is the speed at which we can now process that data. Every day we create approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. It is estimated that 90% of the data which is been generated till now is created in last 2 years alone, and with the help of that we can predict what amount of data the world would be dealing in upcoming years, and that lead us to work with the term that is called “Big data”.

  • Video Conferencing Software for Legal Sector

    How Video Conferencing Software for Legal Industry can Offer Greater Efficiencies

    From informal meetings to witness interviews and depositions, legal professionals are using video conferencing software to conduct case-related services around the world, eliminating the need to travel.

    Video conferencing solutions are being employed by many organizations around the globe. The enormous benefits of video conferencing software are not limited to private industries alone. In fact, it can be incorporated into the government and legal sectors as well to keep their operations seamless and serve the citizens better. The software enables government organizations to engage organization and stakeholders, provide on-demand access to services from any location, reduce cost and distance/travel barriers; and improve citizen services, justice systems, emergency services and security.

  • Security & Surveillance for Smart Cities

    Security & Surveillance to Drive Smart and Safer Cities Concept

    As the drive to build smart and secure cities gains momentum, the role of IT, especially security & surveillance technologies, in ensuring safety has increased multifold.

    When Modi government announced the idea of creating 100 smart Indian cities, it created waves in the security & surveillance market as security integration it is going to be the major driver of the success of the Smart Cities project. For any city to emerge as a smart city, it has to be safe to start with. Safety and security systems are extremely critical in achieving the key objective of making the cities smart and safer for all inhabitants and stakeholders.

  • Digital Security Systems Critical for Digital India

    Digital Security Systems Critical for Digital India and Smart Cities Concept

    As Digital India and the concept of Smart Cities take shape, cyber attacks have doubled year over year. It is the time we should start considering the implementation of digital security systems as an integral part of the plan rather than an afterthought.

    When we talk about the government’s ambitious Digital India and Smart Cities initiatives, usually the focus is on the scale of the project and capacity to do it. However, it also poses a big challenge, that of digital security. With the move towards a digital economy, increasing amount of consumer and citizen data will be stored digitally and a large number of transactions will be carried out online.

  • ERP software solutions

    Public Sector Organizations turn to ERP Software Solutions to Modernize Functions

    Today, more than ever, public sector organizations are realizing that ERP software solutions can enable organizations to process transactions more efficiently and effectively by solving the challenges posed by disconnected and uncoordinated applications.

    The public sector is a major contributor to the economic development of a country. The government has taken various measures to improve the quality and accountability of government agencies and its employees so as to provide better services while ensuring greater transparency in operations. Government agencies need modern ERP software solutions just as much as business enterprises do.

  • How ERP Solution can Transform the Insurance Industry

    The ability to analyze and visualize data easily and quickly can present a monumental advantage to insurance companies. ERP solution can slice and dice data however you want, generate custom reports when needed, and present them visually with vivid dashboards.

    In an insurance company, massive administrative and paper-work done every day and the data is usually not maintained in one place. As a result, a huge amount of data gets generated in an insurance company every day.It is difficult to get hold of the important data quickly which causes unprecedented delays due to non-uniformity of data, transactional errors, and departmental arrangements.

  • Reducing Costs with Human Resource Management System

    HRMS Solution helps you in effectively managing your workforce in low cost. It can cut your HR department cost without compromising on efficiency.

    Today, in many organizations, each department is being asked to scale down expenses – and, at the same time, exhibit the overall value it provides to the organization. Human resource departments are no exception. Over the last decade, HR’s role of merely recruiting and maintaining employee records has been expanded to save on workforce-related costs, find and hire better talent, and improve existing talent through training and development. But most days, they are stuck doing paperwork.

  • Managing the Document Lifecycle with Document Management System

    From the moment, a document has been created using the DMS, you are able to share, track, view, search, and control the file throughout the entire process, all in a secure environment.

    Whether physical or electronic, documents are at the heart of day-to-day activity for every organization. These documents have a life cycle within the organization. This life cycle begins when new documents are created and ends when they are finally destroyed or permanently stored. Proper management of documents is crucial for the proper storage of a company’s confidential information.

  • Benefits of Education ERP to Different Stakeholders

    An education institution comprises of many stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, administrators, management and the alumni. Education institutions need an ERP solution to bridge the gap and also get benefited with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

    Nowadays, education institutions around the globe are facing hardships while trying to align themselves with different stakeholders’ expectations. Current institutions are getting complex each day and there are many tasks that require automation. Educational institutes need to transform themselves with the power of automation and improve their day-to-day functionality.